Personal information

Marlou LA de Kroon is the coordinator of the Academic Collaborative Centre, Child Health Care-North  Holland- VU University Medical Center, at the Department of Public and Occupational Health, EMGO+ - VU University Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

She is Child Health Care physician and epidemiologist. Currently, she is working on the completion of her thesis about the relationship of BMI SDS changes during growth and  breastfeeding duration with overweight and cardiometabolic risk at young adulthood. She has expertise in longitudinal and transversal research in rhe field of overweight and obesity, cardiometabolic diseases, breastfeeding and nutrition in children and youth. She is involved as a senior researcher in the ABCD-study and other research projects related to the same topic.

She is member of the Science Committee of the ‘Artsen Jeugdgezondheidszorg Nederland (AJN)’ (Child Health Care Physicians, Netherlands), member of the Editorial Board of the National Base Data Set for the Dutch Child Health Care and the secretary of the 'Landelijk Netwerk Onderzoek Jeugd & Gezondheid' (National Network Research Youth and Health, the Netherlands).