Personal information

Sandra Zwijsen was born in Harmelen on the 24th of march in 1986. from very early on, she was interested in dementia and long term care. During high school, she worked on a dementia special care unit. In 2004 she started studying psychology on the University of Utrecht. During the study she focused mainly on neuropsychology and clinical psychology. Her Master thesis was focused on improving cognitive functioning and life quality in the healthy elderly. Since december 2008 she started working as an junior researcher at EMGO institute on alternatives for freedom restriction in dementia long term care. In may 2010  she started working at her PhD study Grip on Challenging Behaviour. In 2014, she obtained her PhD on challenging behaviour in dementia. In 2013, she also obtained her Masters degree in Epidemiology. Since April 2014, she is working as a psychologist at QuaRijn, an organisation for elderly care and as a post-doc researcher at VUmc. She is currently involved in GRIP-II (a continuation of her PhD study), a project on the new legislation for involuntary care (Zorg en Dwang, VWS) and she is developing research on neuropsychological explanations for challenging behaviour in dementia.