Personal information

Maaike  Huysmans Maaike Huysmans was born in 1974 in Enschede, the Netherlands. After completing secondary school at the Jacobus College in Enschede in 1992, she worked one year in London as an au-pair. In 1993 she started to study Human Kinetic Technology at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Hague. After graduating in 1997 she started studying at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam. In 2001 she graduated cum laude with a specialisation in Ergonomics. From June 2001 to December 2002 she worked as a consultant in ergonomics for VHP Ergonomics in The Hague.

In January 2003 she started with a PhD project at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. The project was part of Body@Work, Research Centre on Physical Activity, Work and Health, which is a joint initiative of the Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine of the VU University Medical Centre (EMGO-institute) and TNO Quality of Life. During the first three years of her PhD project she worked one day a week as a researcher/consultant in ergonomics for TNO Quality of Life in Hoofddorp. October 1st 2008 she successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled: “From precision demands to neck and upper extremity pain”.

In January 2008 she started her current position as a post doctoral fellow in Ergonomics and Occupational Epidemiology at the Department of Public and Occupational Health and Body@Work, where she will continue to do research in the area of work and health.