Personal information

Cecile  Boot

Cécile RL Boot, PhD, Health Scientist

Associate Professor Occupational Health at the Department of Public and Occupational Health of the VU University Medical Center.

My main research interest is on older workers with chronic disease. I have special interest in methodological issues related to occupational health. In addition, I have a wide experience with interdisciplinary collaboration.

I am working at the department since June 2008, and I am currently supervising many different PhD projects with different topics within the broad field of occupational health, ranging from worksite health promotion to prolonged work participation of older workers with chronic disease.  

Additional positions

- Adjunct Scientist, Institute for Work and Health, Toronto, Canada. In March 2012, I received this position as adjunct scientist. This enables me to strengthen my collaboration with the researchers at the Institute for Work and Health.

- Associate Editor Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation (since 2016)

- Adjunct Section Editor BMC Public Health, Section Occupational Health (since 2015)


Current work

My main research topic is working with a chronic disease, with a focus on occupational epidemiology and older workers.

I am involved as supervisor/ copromotor in a number of projects including prolonged work participation of older workers, prevention of stress at the workplace, mental wellbeing of (graduate) nurses, multiple job holding and workplace health promotion intervention. These projects involve different epideimological designs, such as prospective cohort studies, randomised controlled trials, and systematic reviews.

From 2009-2015 I was member of the EMGO+ Science Committee, secretary from 2010-2012 and chair from 2012-2015. 

In 2010, I received an EMGO+ Fellowship Quality of Care. This fellowship enabled me to investigate determinants of prolonged work participation of workers with a chronic disease, and start a collaboration with prof. Dorly Deeg (LASA department) on the Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam, and prof. Tineke Abma (dept. of Metamedica / Medical Humanities) on mixed methods study designs.


Previous work

In 2000 I completed my Master Biomedical Health Sciences at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

I started my professional career at the Netherlands Expertise Centre for Work-related Respiratory Disorders (Opgelucht Werken), at the University Lung Centre Dekkerswald, in Groesbeek. This centre was affiliated with the Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen. Here I conducted research on determinants of sick leave in workers with asthma and COPD, which resulted in my PhD thesis (Defense: December 1, 2004).
Between 2004 and 2008, I worked part time at the University of Amsterdam on projects focussing on health and health behaviour of university students at the Section of Research, Development and Prevention.

In addition, I was editor and project leader of a book about medicinal effects of water in everyday care, which was published in 2007. In 2005, I worked on a project at the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL) about illness perceptions and employment status in patients with a chronic illness.
Between 2006 and 2008, I worked as postdoctoral researcher at the department of Medical Humanities / Metamedica. Here my research focused on health information on the internet and communication of health risks related to early detection of diseases.