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Jeroen  Lakerveld

I am an epidemiologist and senior researcher with the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Amsterdam UMC location VUmc.

I lead a small but ambitious centre of expertise on environmental determinants of physical activity, dietary behaviours and chronic disease risk in adults: 'the Upstream Team'. 

My research interests are in the environmental determinants of lifestyle behaviours and chronic disease risk, in particular how they can be measured, how they interact with each other and with individual-level characteristics, and how they can be changed.

I obtained my PhD in 2011 with the thesis 'Efforts to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in primary care'. Before that I studied physiotherapy (University of Utrecht, finished 2002), Health science (VU University, finished 2004) and a two-year master Public Health Research (VU University, completed 2006).

As project leader I finished an NDF-funded research project focusing on the implementation of environmental changes to improve lifestyle behaviours in residents of underprivileged neighbourhoods. I coordinated SPOTLIGHT, an EU-FP7 funded project focusing on the sustainable prevention of obesity through integrated strategies. This project involved a consortium of 13 partners across 8 European countries.

I co-managed the Determinants of diet and physical activity knowledge hub (DEDIPAC KH) which was led by Prof. J. Brug. The DEDIPAC KH  consisted of about 300 researchers from multiple disciplines, originating from 68 research institutes across 13 European countries. It facilitated the integration and development of an infrastructure for research on determinants of diet and physical activity.

In the summer of 2017 we started a big national study on preventing cardiometabolic risk through nudging healthy eating and physical activity in supermarkets and through m-health (Supreme Nudge, please see projects or its dedicated website for more information).

ENDEAVOR is a project focusing on environmental determinants of lifestyle behaviors and risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, together with Sanquin Donor Studies we are exploring the upstream determinants of lifestyle behaviours and donor blood quality.

Two other projects recently started: 1) the JPI HDHL funded Policy Evaluation Network (PEN), a JPI similar to DEDIPAC but with a focus on identifying, benchmarking and evaluating policies related to dietary behaviours, physical activity and sedentary behaviours. I serve as vice-coordinator of this network, for which a total funding amount of about 4M Euros has been secured. 2) An NWO investment grant funded project called GECCO (Geoscience and health cohort consortium). In GECCO we are: i) Gatherering, combining and complementing Dutch GIS data; ii) Enrich 20 longstanding large Dutch cohorts with these data and iii) Launch a web-portal for easy use. Press release (Dutch) . More info on the GECCO website.


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