Personal information

Wieneke  Mokkink

Wieneke Mokkink obtained her PhD degree on the thesis entitled: "COSMIN: development and evaluation of a checklist to assess the methodological quality of studies on measurement properties", which was an international Delphi study. Since the start of COSMIN in 2005 she is a member of the COSMIN Steering Committee. She now is assistant professor in Measurement at the department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and is involved in the Knowledgecenter Measurement Instruments of this department.

Her focus of research is clinimetrics; it is her aim to develop user-friendly tools to help researchers and clinicians by the selection of health measurement instruments. She was (co-) investigator on both methodological research and applied research on measurement properties, using both Classical Test Theory methods as well as Item Response Theory methods. She serves as a consultant for several systematic reviews on measurement properties as well as for Delphi studies.