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Liesbeth  Claassen

Liesbeth Claassen

As a social psychologist I am interested in how people perceive and respond to uncertain but personally relevant health information. My research focuses on the perception and communication of health risks and uncertainties surrounding emerging and societal risk issues.

Currently, I am involved in several projects concerning the development of guidelines and communication materials on man made sources of risks, such as radiation from nuclear incidents, indoor radon, smoke of chemical fires, and electromagnetic fields. In my research I combine multiple theoretical frameworks (e.g. models of detereminants of behaviour, dual process theories, psychometric studies on risk perception, social amplification of risk framework) and practical approaches, in particular the mental models approach, to improve risk communication.

In December 2010, I finished my thesis "The Risky Self. How people perceive and respond to being at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease; the role of genetic information and self-concept." In this  study I explored how people perceive their genetic disease risk and the relation with preventive behavior.

I got my degree in Social Psychology from the University of Amsterdam (2003). Previously, I worked as a teacher of Economics after obtaining a MSc in Economics (1990) and a postdoctoral education degree (1992) at VU University in Amsterdam.