Board of Asthma Foundation, Department Amsterdam, (1990-1994).
Executive Board of the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, (1992-2003).
Board of Department of Sociology and Social Gerontology, (1995-1998).
Board of Computer Committee of the Faculty of Social Cultural Sciences, (1991-1995).
Executive Board (secretary) Dutch working group on Longitudinal Models (SOMO), (1995-2002).
Board of the Center for Aging Research (CVO) 2000-2004.
Methodological Adviser in the Study Group of Injury Claims (Ministery of Justice & WODC)   (2006-2007).
Consulent for the Weinberggroup (LTD) Washington, USA. (2004-2009).
Member, Scientific Committee Department of Psychiatry (2005-2010).
Consulent for Prismant (Health Care Data Collection) (2008-2009).


Executive Board of Giving in The Netherlands (1996-present).
Executive Board of the Amsterdam Study of Anxiety and Depression (AMSTAD) 2001- present.
Executive Board of the Netherland Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA) 2002-present.
Methodological adviser in theScientific board of TNS market organisations in The Netherlands: Science & Business (2003 – present).
Executive Board of The Netherlands Obsessive Compulsory Disorder Association (NOCDA)
Executive Board of The Netherlands Study on Depression among the Elderly (NESDO)
Executive Board Department of Psychiatry VU Medical Center (2008-present).
Support coordinator Biobanking Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam (2008-present)
Chair of the Knowledge Centre on Cohort Studies Vu University Medical Center (2010-present.).
Steering group member of BBMRI, the Netherlands (2009-present).
Steering group member of the Biobank Infrastructure of the Vu Iniversity Medical Center (2010-present).
Member of the Scientific Advice Counsil of Routine Outcome Monitoring in Mental Health (Synquest) 2012-present).
Member of the advisory board on research infrastructures of The Vu University Medical Center (2011-present).