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Annet  Dallmeijer

Research activities

Annet Dallmeijer is associate professor at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, VU University Medical Center. Her current research focuses on establishing evidence for treatment to improve physical and daily functioning in children with cerebral palsy, with a special emphasis on fitness, training and physical activity. She is projectleader and supervisor of several PhD projects, of which 8 have been completed, and supervized numerous Master projects of medical students, students human movements sciences and health sciences. 


Current projects

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CP-BoNT register: Development of a patient register for botulinum toxin-A treatment in children with cerebral palsy (ZonMw Pharmacotherapy)

PERRIN-DECADE: long-term development of participation in young adults with cerebral palsy

PETE - Pediatric exercise testing in rehabilitation

FAME - Muscle strength and fatigue in adolescents with cerebral palsy

MEGA-Power: Functional power training in young children with cerebral palsy

LEARN2MOVE - Efficacy of an activity stimulation program on activity performance in children with cerebral palsy



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Key publications

  1. Vos RC, Becher JG, Voorman JM, Gorter JW, van Eck, M, van Meteren J, Dallmeijer AJ. Longitudinal association between gross motor capacity and neuromusculoskeletal function in children and youth with cerebral palsy. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2016 Aug;97(8):1329-37.
  2. Eken MM, Houdijk H, Doorenbosch CA, Kiezebrink FE, van Bennekom CA, Harlaar J, Dallmeijer AJ. Relations between muscle endurance and subjectively reported fatigue, walking capacity, and participation in mildly affected adolescents with cerebral palsy. Dev Med Child Neurol. 2016 Aug;58(8):814-21.
  3. Lennon N, Thorpe D, Balemans AC, Fragala-Pinkham M, O'Neil M, Bjornson K, Byd R, Dallmeijer AJ. The clinimetric properties of aerobic and anaerobic fitness measures in adults with cerebral palsy: A systematic review of the literature. Res Dev Disabil 2015 Oct;45-46:316-28.
  4. Dallmeijer AJ, Rameckers EA, Houdijk H, de Groot S, Scholtes VA, Becher JG. Isometric muscle strength and mobility capacity in children with cerebral palsy. Disabil Rehabil 2015 Nov 25;1-8.
  5. Van Wely L, Balemans AC, Becher JG, Dallmeijer AJ. Physical activity stimulation program for children with cerebral palsy did not improve physical activity: a randomised trial. J Physiother 2014 March;60(1):40-9.
  6. Balemans AC, Van Wely L, de Heer SJ, Van den Brink J, de Koning JJ, Becher JG, Dallmeijer AJ. Maximal aerobic and anaerobic exercise responses in children with cerebral palsy. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2013 Mar;45(3):561-8.
  7. Vos RC, Becher JG, Ketelaar M, Smits DW, Voorman JM, Tan SS, Reinders-Messelink HA, Dallmeijer AJ; PERRIN+ Study Group. Developmental trajectories of daily activities in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy. Pediatrics 2013 October; 132(4): e915-e923.
  8. Scholtes VA, Becher JG, Janssen-Potten YJ, Dekkers H, Smallenbroek L, Dallmeijer AJ. Effectiveness of functional progressive resistance exercise training on walking ability in children with cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trial. Res Dev Disabil 2012 Jan;33(1):181-8.
  9. Dallmeijer AJ, Baker R, Dodd KJ, Taylor NF. Association between isometric muscle strength and gait joint kinetics in adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy. Gait Posture 2011; 33(3):326-332.
  10. Dallmeijer AJ, Brehm MA. Physical strain of comfortable walking in children with mild cerebral palsy. Disabil Rehabil 2011; 33(15-16):1351-1357.


Ph.D. Thesis

Title: Spinal Cord Injury and Physical Activity: Wheelchair Performance in Rehabilitation and Sports. Defense: April 2, 1998.

Short biography

In 1993 she graduated in Human Movement Sciences at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with a major in Functional Anatomy and minors in Exercise Physiology and Psychology. Shortly after that, she started to work on her PhD project Spinal Cord Injury and Physical Activity: Wheelchair Performance in Rehabilitation and Sports, which was succesfully concluded with her thesis defense in 1998. From 1997 to 2004, she was employed at the Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, as a research co-ordinator of a multidisciplinary research programme Restoration of mobility in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and part-time lecturer. In 2004, she started with her current professional occupation as senior researcher in pediatric rehabilitation at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the VU University Medical Center.


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