Personal information

Martine de Bruyne

Martine de Bruijne is associate professor at the department of Public and Occupational Health, EMGO Institute, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She currently chairs the research line on Quality, Risks and Safety of Health Care.

Education: medical doctor (1993), medical informatics (1991) , clinical epidemiologist (PhD 1997), registration as public health physician society and health (2008) . 
After her PhD  at the dept. of Clinical Epidemiology and the Department of Medical Informatics of Erasmus University  (’93-’97)  she worked as a postdoc researcher at the Julius Center for Patient Oriented Research (UMC Utrecht) (’98-’01).  In 2001 she moved to the EMGO Institute, where she worked as a senior researcher for the unit of Health Technology Assessment. Since 2004 she works for the Department of Public and Occupational Health on research on patient safety and quality of care.

She is currently involved in research and education in the field of quality and safety of health care. Martine was and is a project leader and advisor in three national research programs on monitoring patient safety in Dutch hospitals, carried out in close collaboration with NIVEL. She performed several studies on effectiveness of crew resource management principles and teamtraining  to improve patient safety in curative care. Her methodological work involves measuring professional attitudes and behaviour regarding teamwork and the design and use of health IT to improve patient safety.