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Leonie  Klaufus

Leonie Klaufus

Health scientist


After I completed the pre-master Clinical Health Sciences at the University of Utrecht I followed the master International Public Health at the VU University in Amsterdam. During my master studies I did an internship at the Amsterdam Public Health Service (GGD Amsterdam), in which I researched the accessibility of mental health care services for groups of Dutch inhabitants with different ethnic backgrounds. I currently work there as a researcher and PhD student. For my PhD project I collaborate with the Amsterdam Public Health research institute.


My PhD research focuses on screening for anxiety, depression, and suicidal behavior in school children and adolescents. Both anxiety and depression are highly prevalent in children and adolescents. In spite of these high prevalences, adults hardly recognize anxious or depressive youths. However, early detection and referral of anxious and depressive youths are considered to be key prevention strategies. It is presumed that self-report screening instruments may play an important role in the early detection at schools. I research the psychometric properties of short self-report screening instruments that are feasible in the school setting. With this research I aim to improve the early detection of anxiety, depression and suicidal behavior in school children and adolescents in order to achieve that they receive the care they need.