Personal information

My name is Sumayah Vandenbussche, since June 2016 I am working as a post doc researcher on the project 'Expertise aan de voorkant. Evaluatie van een Consultatie- en Adviesteam Jeugd GGZ in de regio Gooi en Vechtstreek' at the Department of Public and Occupational Health of the EMGO+ Institute of the VUmc and the Public Health Service of the Gooi en Vechtstreek.

I studied Social Psychology, Consumer- and Decision Making Behaviour and focused on the patient as a health care consumer (patient satisfaction) and medical decision making (psychological aspects of genetic counselling). After completing my master I worked  as a junior quality of care consultant and researcher at Rivierduinen Mental Health Organisation on the project  “SPV in de huisartsenpraktijk / Psychiatric Nurses in primary care practice”.

Because of my growing interest in medical care, I went to the University of Utrecht to study Medicine. After obtaining my master’s degree, I decided not  to become a medical doctor, but to pursue a career in scientific research. I entered  the Leiden University Medical Centre PhD program, where I am currently finishing my thesis “Kiezen voor Pillen en/of Praten: Voorkeuren, Behandelkeuzes en Gedeelde Besluitvorming bij de behandeling van Stemming- en/of Angststoornissen in de tweede lijn.”/ “Treatment  Preferences, Decisions and (Shared) Decision  Making in the Treatment of Depressive  and Anxiety Disorders in Secondary Mental Health Care.” at the Departments Psychiatry and Medical Decision Making.

In my research project we will evaluate the Consultation  and Advisory Team Gooi en Vechtstreek (C en A Team), a multidisciplinary team of 2 youth health care physicians and a clinical psychologist. This team provides consultation to general practitioners or other youth referrers and/or advises children, adolescents up to 18 years and their parents with psychological  and psychosocial complaints. With its foundation in the Youth Health Care, the Cen A team is unique in the Netherlands and our research project will evaluate its working methods and effects. I will investigate if the children/adolescents and their parents receive  the help (care, information and advice) that is needed. Trends in problem signalling, consultations, advices on treatment  and referral will be analyzed and compared to other regions in the Netherlands.

In this project I can combine my interest in psychology, medicine  and science and contribute to the improvement of (medical) health care, by doing  scientific research that is close to clinical practice.