Personal information

Wim  Kraan

Wim Kraan was born 1962 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In 1988 he graduated in Sociology at the University of Utrecht. His masters degree is in social research methodology, statistics and empirical-theoretical sociology. After an additional training in informatics, particularly database technology he started working at the EMGO Institute as data manager in 1989. In that quality he participated in several (longitudinal) studies. 

After a few years he became head of the Datamanagement and ICT department of the Institute. One of the main objectives of that department is to advise researchers and to provide for executive data management support when necessary in the areas of data collection, data processing, data handling and data documentation and archiving. Furthermore the department is responsible for the development of an integrated data management infrastructure to promote and facilitate a standardised working method in every project.

As a member of the Quality Committee he wrote several guidelines on data management issues and carried out many project audits. Wim Kraan is also coordinator and teacher of the SPSS course as part of the Master Programme in Epidemiology. He organised several workshops and -twice a year- he organises an introduction course to data management primarily developed for PhD students.

Since 2007 he is also ICT coordinator for Division 6 of the VUmc and on behalf of that division member of the VUmc IT Priority Board. Other activities are advisor of the website committee and advisor of the EMGO Directorate on ICT matters.

During his career he followed several courses related to his work on data management and ICT technology.