Personal information

Vincent van Vugt

Vincent van Vugt (1988) works as a PhD-student at the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research (EMGO+). In 2012 he completed his Master in Medicine at Maastricht University.

After his graduation he worked for 9 months as a medical doctor at the cardiac rehabilitation center Adelante in Hoensbroek. In 2013 he moved to Amsterdam and worked as a physician for a 14-month period at the Neurology department of the Spaarne hospital in Hoofddorp and a 7-month period at the Psychiatry department of the Zaans Medisch Centrum in Zaandam. 

In March 2016 he started his PhD-project entitled:
"Internet-based vestibular rehabilitation for older dizzy adults: does it work? A single blind, three arm, randomised controlled trial in general practice"

He combines this PhD project with his General Practice vocational training at the VU Medical Center (AIOTHO-traject: arts in opleiding tot huisarts en onderzoeker).