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Lidewij  Henneman

Lidewij Henneman (health scientist) is Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Genetics, section Community Genetics, Amsterdam UMC, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam. She is a certified teacher at the faculties of Life Sciences and Medicine. 

Her research focuses on the implementation, dynamics and impact of (reproductive) genetic tests, including the views, prior knowledge and expectations of potential users such as health care professionals, patients and wider society. She published over 90 international articles. 

Specific projects are aimed at research activities in the field of community genetics and public health genomics such as:
• patients' and public perspectives on the implementation of genetic screening, including preconception carrier screening, neonatal screening and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT))
• genetic risk and (reproductive) decision making;
• genetic knowledge, communication and education of patients, public & health care professionals.

(see also under Projects and Publications). 

She is chair of the Netherlands Association of Community Genetics and Public Health Genomics (NACGG). 

She won the EMGO+ Societal Impact Award 2016 (topic NIPT), and received the Dutch Public Health Award (Volksgezondheidsprijs) for her PhD thesis on Preconceptional cystic fibrosis carrier screening. 

She is affiliated to the research institutes Amsterdam Reproduction & Development and Amsterdam Public Health

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