- Quality of life in dementia (intervention outcome research as well as instrument development; Imagination as care method; european IMPACT project on palliative care indicators);

- Need of care and support of people with dementia and family carers in the community (e.g. CANE research; Dementelcoach; FIT);

- Support programmes for persons with dementia and family carers (e.g. Meeting Centers Support Programme, psychosocial interventions, Museum Alzheimer project, Exergaming, Meeting Centres 3.0);

- (Inter)National implementation Meeting Centers Support Programme (; Easy-access Day care in combination with carer support  European MeetingDem project into adaptive implementation of MCSP in UK, Poland and Italy; implementation of the Veder method (theatre) on nursing home wards and in 24-hour care)

- Opportunities for ICT-solutions for unmet needs in dementia care (FRUX-project; European COGKNOW project; effects of domotics; European ROSETTA project; EU-LLP internet based project STAR training in dementia care; Into D'mentia; INDUCT assistive technology for self management and social participation).

- Helpdesk Psychosocial care in dementia