Personal information

Jessica Berner is working as a post-doc researcher at the VU University Medical Centre by the Longitudinal Aging Study of Amsterdam (LASA). This is funded by FORTE the Swedish research council for Health, Working life and Welfare. The project involves studying predictors in the starting and stopping of Internet use by older adults, in Sweden and in the Netherlands. The data will be taken from both LASA and the Swedish National Study on Aging and Care (SNAC). The supervisors in the research are Prof. Dorly Deeg, Dr. Marja Aartsen, and Professor Johan Berglund.


Short biography

Jessica did her B.A. at University College Utrecht (2004) and a M.Sc. in Health Psychology at Leiden University (2006); she then completed her PhD in Applied Health Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden (March 2014).

The thesis topic was: Psychosocial, socio-demographic and health determinants in information communication technology use by older adults.