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Hannie  Comijs

Hannie Comijs is psychologist and works as associate professor with the mental health care institute GGZ inGeest and the department Psychiatry of the VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam. She graduated in 1999 on her thesis: Elder mistreatment prevalence, risk indicators and consequences. Since her dissertation she participates in the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, a population based prospective interdisciplinary cohort study on the predictors and consequences of changes in autonomy and well-being in the aging population among persons aged 55 and older in the Netherlands ( In LASA she studies the course, (biological) determinants and consequences of cognitive decline and mental health in older persons in the community. To date publications on psychosocial stress, HPA-axis, depression, anxiety and cognitive decline are her main subjects of interest. She is also the principle investigator of the Netherlands Study on Depression in Older persons (, a prospective study that examines (the determinants) of the course of late-life depression in the Netherlands. She supervised PhD students doing studies in the field of geriatric psychiatry, such as anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. She is currently supervising 16 PhD students, all working in the field of geriatric psychiatric disorders or cognitive decline in older persons.