Personal information

At the VU Medical Center Amsterdam (department Midwifery Science AVAG, Public Health and Research Institute) and University Medical Center Groningen (department General Practice & Elderly Medicine, section Midwifery Science) and  I conduct research in the area of the Reproductive Epidemiology. I examine the effect of (lifestyle) behavior, medical and operative birth interventions on maternal and child health. Therefore, I analyze large datasets of international population based data registries (e.g. Australian New South Wales linked data, Birthplace Study, Dutch Perinatal Data Registry), and cohort data (i.e. Lifelines Next, Lifelines ROAHD).

By analyzing these data, I aim to develop models to optimize the use of clinical resources and optimize maternal health and birth outcomes. The accompanying results will contribute to improve maternity care, by providing future maternal care in the right amount of care at the right time in the right way to childbearing women and their (unborn) babies