Personal information

Christiaan  Vis

Currently I fulfill three distinct roles in my work at the department of Clinical Psychology at the VU University, namely as a:

  • Associate Researcher
  • Project Manager E-COMPARED (and MasterMind)
  • Adviser grants and incentives to the department


My research focuses on bringing together the disciplines of Implementation Science and Mental health with a specific focus on eMental health and the care of depression. Specifically, I am currently involved in the conduct of the MasterMind study and am primarily interested in the actual work affected by and involved in implementing and sustaining evidence-based eMental health in the mental health care practice. This research position includes a Ph.D. candidature.

Project management

Being part of the Project Management Team of the E-COMPARED project, I have the responsibility for the daily project management including overall reporting and coordination obligations to the European Commission and the consortium members.

Grants Adviser

Building on my previous work, I advice and actively contribute to designing and writing the larger proposals to the Horizon 2020 program. To keep things manageable, this work is limited to the department of Clinical Psychology.