Personal information

Mirjam  Stuij

Mirjam Stuij (1983) is researcher at the Department of Medical Humanities, VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam. She has a bachelor’s degree in Medical Biology and a master’s degree in Medical Anthropology and Sociology. She is also a member of the EMGO+ Qualitee Committee. In addition, she works as a researcher at the Mulier Institute, centre for research on sports in society.

Sport in Times of Illness

Her PhD project is about meanings of sport and physical activity for people with diabetes. Central to this study are various sport-illness stories (“narratives”) of people with diabetes, and the experiences of health care professionals giving advice and support in sport and physical activity. This PhD is part of a larger project about ‘The Meaning of Sport in Times of Health and Illness’. See also


Research interests

  • Medical sociology, sport sociology
  • Qualitative research, narrative inquiry