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Paul  Merkus


Paul Merkus, ENT surgeon VUmc, senoir researcher EMGO+

Since 2003, Paul Merkus (MD PhD), is staf member at the VU University Medical Center at the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery. In his profession he is combining Surgery, Science and Education. 

His surgical interest is in Otology and Skull Base and he has broad knowledge and experience in Otologic Imaging, Surgical rehabilitation of Hearing loss and Cochlear implantation. Scientificly, he is involved as co-promotor of the Ear & Hearing group in several ongoing PhD projects:

  • Implications for Cochlear implantation,
  • Development of an integrated ICF Intake for Otology and Audiology,
  • SHiEC (Supporting Hearing in Elderly Citizens)
  • Etiology of Hearing loss in Children (projectgroup member).

He has been a fellow at the Gruppo Otologico in Piacenza, Italy in 2009 and 2012. This collaboration resulted in several scientific papers and a surgical guideline and reference book  on Cochlear Implantation: "Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants" (2015, Thieme-Verlag). 

As teacher, he has been a faculty member of the annual international Middle Ear course and Skull Base course at the same clinic. Nowadays, he has initiated and organized a new annual  international course in several European cities: Otology Class for Young ENTs. And several educational projects were organized with the Ear & Hearing group, like three symposia on 'Hearing loss in Children' in NEMO.

In 2015 he will lead a ZonMw granted national multicenter RCT with 20 Dutch centers participating: Cost effectiveness of follow-up with diffusion-weighted MRI versus 2nd look surgery after primary cholesteatoma treatment.   This project will be in collaboration with Erasmus MC.