Personal information

Marije  Verhage

Since December 2013, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher for the Generations² study, where I also conducted my PhD research. After finishing my Masters degrees in Developmental & Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology in 2008, I was drawn to research concerning developmental processes between children and their parents. My PhD project focused on the first-time transition to parenthood, and more specifically, the role of parenting self-efficacy in this period. 

In my work as a postdoctoral researcher, I continued to work on the transition to parenthood and on the formation of parent-child relationships. I have recently conducted a meta-analysis on 30 years of research on the intergenerational transmission of attachment, wicht was published in Psychological Bulletin. This meta-analysis was the starting point of a large collaborative project with 60 international authors to study more fine-grained aspects of the intergenerational transmission of attachment and the transmission gap using the method of Individual Participant Data meta-analysis. We are currently analyzing the data to answer the first research questions.