Personal information

Sabina Kef is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy, department Clinical Child and Family Studies, of the VU University in Amsterdam since 1 July 2004. She received a PhD in Social and Behavioral Science from the University of Amsterdam in 1999. From 1994 untill 2004 she worked at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. Furthermore, she is a member of the general board of the National Association of Educationalists in the Netherlands (NVO). Her research focuses on the psychosocial development, personal networks and social support of blind and partially sighted youth in the Netherlands. The transition into parenthood when having a visual disability, is one of her recent research topics. Furthermore she is interested in other groups at risk, like impaired youth in general, and more common themes like influences of parenting and genetics on the development of children. She also is involved in teaching university courses on children and adolescents with impairments, parenting in families with an impaired child, care and support for persons with intellectual, sensory, physical and multiple impairments, and paradigm-shifts in care. At the website you can download publications and presentations of Sabina Kef. Furthermore you can read about the history and recent developments in her research projects. Contact: