• ZonMw/NFU: Citrien2 eHealth. 


  • ZonMw: Effectiveness and cost-utility of tailored psychological treatment targeting cancer patients diagnosed with an adjustment disorder. 
  • Brystol Myers Squibb: Oncokompas module Melanoom. 


  • Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute (APH). Sexual well-being in head and neck cancer patients. 
  • Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA): Cancer Center Amsterdam Ambulatory Patient outcome assessment Platform (CCA-APP). 


  • Citrienfonds: Validation of the Dutch eHealth Impact Questionnaire (eHIQ). (co-PI)
  • ZonMw: ICT4PAL: facilitating self-management and personalized access to palliative care and enriching educational programs. (PI)


  • KWF / Alpe d’HuZes Fonds: ICT4CANCER: facilitating self-management and personalized access  to supportive care in cancer survivors. (PI)
  • SAG Fonds:  Landelijke implementatie van OncoKompas 2.0: een pilot studie. (2015-2016). (PI)
  • VUmc: Validation of the Dutch Needs for Supportive Care Survey among head and neck cancer patients, and the development of a head and neck cancer module. (2015-2016) (PI)
  • VU: Living beyond cancer: resilience, mental adjustment, and personal growth. (2015-2017). (PI)
  • EORTC Quality of Life Group: The development of a Survivorship Module.


  • SAG Fonds:  OncoKompas 2.0: eHealth ondersteuning voor zelfmanagement en oncologische nazorg (2014-2015). (PI)


  • KWF / Alpe d’HuZes Fonds: Netherlands Quality of Life and Biomedical Cohort Studies Head and Neck Cancer (NET-QUBIC) (2013-2018). (PI)
  • Pink Ribbon: Development of a breast cancer module for Oncokompas2.0. (co-PI)


  • KWF Dutch Cancer Society / Alpe d'HuZes Foundation: Psychological distress in partners of cancer patients: efficacy of an online self help intervention (2012-2016). (co-PI)
  • EORTC Quality of Life Group: Update of the EORTC QLQ-H&N35 (Head and Neck Cancer Module).
  • EORTC Quality of Life Group: The development of an EORTC questionnaire to assess oral health in cancer patients.


  • KWF / Alpe d’HuZes Fonds: Living with cancer: innovative care programs and e-health (2011-2015). (PI)
  • Michel Keijzer Fonds: LARiNX: a web-based self-help programme for laryngectomized patients during and after treatment (2011-2016).  (PI) 
  • SAG Fonds: Preventie, stepped care en e-health bij patiënten met kanker en de Nederlandse bevolking (2011-2012). (PI)
  • KWF / Alpe d’HuZes Fonds: The development, implementation and evaluation of the meaning-centered group psychotherapy 'Living Meaningfully with Cancer' in the Netherlands (2011-2016).  (PI)
  • KWF / Alpe d’HuZes Fonds: Internet-based treatment of low-grade glioma patients with depression and fatigue: randomized controlled trial (2011-2014). (co-PI)


  • ZonMw Disease Management: Stepped care to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression in cancer patients (2009-2012). (PI)ZonMw Palliatieve Zorg: Structured life review using autobiographical retrieval practice in depressed palliative head and neck cancer patients (2010-2012). (PI)
  • Addessium Foundation / RCOAK: Spiritual Autobiographic writing for cancer patients (2011-2015).  (co-PI)

voor 2010

  • ZonMw DoelmatigheidsOnderzoek: Cost-effectiveness of psychological intervention via the Internet in head and neck cancer patients (2009-2010). (PI)
  • EORTC Quality of Life Group: The development of Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) to assess several quality of life aspects in cancer patients.
  • Fonds NutsOhra: Development of a stepped care programme in patients with high distress after treatment for head and neck cancer (2009-2010). (PI)
  • KWF Dutch Cancer Society: Prediction of radiation-induced swallowing dysfunction after curative (chemo) radiation for head and neck cancer.(2008-2012) (co-PI)
  • VUmc: Patient reported speech and swallowing outcome in head and neck cancer: development and field-testing of specific speech and swallowing questionnaires.(2008-2012). (PI)
  • Fonds NutsOhra: RetinoQuest, early detection of psychosocial and quality of life problems in children with retinoblastoma and their parents.(2008-2010). (co-PI)
  • Fonds NutsOhra: OncoQuest: Implementation in clinical practice of a touch screen computer system to assess health related quality of life and psychosocial functioning in head and neck cancer patients.(2008-2010). (co-PI)