Personal information

Annelou de Vries

Annelou de Vries is a child and adolescent psychiatrist working at the Amsterdam UMC. The scope of her work is consultative-liaison psychiatry at the Pediatric department, focusing on sick children with mental health problems. An important and special part of her work is dedicated to transgender adolescents. Apart from her clinical work with these adolescents, Annelou de Vries is also involved in research and publishes and supervises several studies on mental health and treatment evaluation. Annelou de Vries is leading the Child Psychiatry Department of the Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria of the Amsterdam UMC. She is a founding board member of the European Professional Association of Transgender Health (EPATH) and a member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) committee on children and adolescents. Annelou de Vries is further full staff member of the department of child and adolescent psychiatry and as such participating in teaching and training of medical students, nurses, and pediatric and child & adolescent psychiatry residents.