Personal information

Olga  Damman

Olga Damman studies patient decision making in health care, in particular the provision of balanced and easy to understand information to patients. She is involved in research on health risk communication, shared decision making, informed decision making and comparative peformance information about healthcare providers.

Olga Damman studied Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.  After graduating she started working at NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) in Utrecht in 2006. Her research topics at NIVEL were quality of care from the patient’s perspective, public reporting, and informed decision making in health care. She finished her PhD thesis (titled: "Public reporting about health care users' experiences: the Consumer Quality Index") at Tilburg University in 2010. Her PhD thesis focused on how consumers process and use comparative performance information and how this depends on the way it is presented.

From 2010, Olga Damman has worked at the EMGO+ Institute, where she has extended her research focus to to other domains of patient decision making. She has studied different types of health and healthcare information and how these can be presented to patients/consumers, in order to facilitate their understanding of key information and subsequent decisions to be made. Examples of information studied are the personalized risk information in the Dutch Prevention Consult, information about treatment options fo stage I non-small cell lung cancer, and comparative peformance information on kiesBeter. In most of these studies, risk communication plays a key role. Ultimately, her research should contribute to improved information provision, both by health professionals and on the Internet, that supports patient participation in healthcare.