Personal information

René Castien graduated in Physiotherapy in1980 and worked in several clinical settings (rehabilitation centre, private clinic, healthcare centre).  He studied Manual Therapy (1985-1990) and wrote a master thesis: Pilotstudy of a randomized clinical trial: effectiviness of treatment for chronic tension-type headache by the general practitioner and manual therapist .(2006)
In 2013 he finished his PhD project  on this subject under supervision of professor dr. Daniëlle van der Windt, dr. Nettie Blankenstein and professor dr.Joost Dekker. Part of the project was focused on prognostic factors and the development of prediction rules for manual therapy treatment of patients with chronic tension type headache (funded by WCF).

As a researcher he is involved in a study into the effectiveness of manual therapy compared to usual care by the general practitioner in patients with migraine. 

Since 2017 he is coordinator of the VU/MSG Physiotherapy Science Network.