Personal information

Mariska  Oosterveld-Vlug

Mariska Oosterveld-Vlug was born in 1986 in Linschoten. After finishing her secondary school, she started studying Health Sciences in 2004 at the VU University Amsterdam. In 2008 she obtained her Masters degree in Health Sciences, after completing the master Prevention and Public Health. 

In september 2009, she started working as a junior researcher at the end-of-life research group, part of the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research and the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam. In october 2014, she obtained her PhD with her thesis entitled: Personal dignity in nursing homes.

Since 2013, Mariska is involved in a project investigating the care (costs) and treatments that people receive in their last year of life, using health claims data and data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

She currenlty works as a postdoctoral researcher on the PACE project, a European project on advance care planning in residential care and nursing homes.