From 'hard' fixations to 'soft' domotics in dementia care


Starting date: 00/11/2008 In Dutch nursing homes there is a tendency to force back the restriction of freedom of patients by means of fixation. One promising alternative for fixation is the use of domotics. This project looks at the extent to which domotics can reduce fixation and examines for which kind of indication the domotics can be used. The study is aimed at the working range and the effects of domotics on risky behaviour (like falling), quality of life and appreciation and satisfaction of the domotics by family and care givers. Furthermore the research will focus on the influence of environmental factors, like workload and attitude of care givers and the vision of family on the use of domotics respectively fixation and on the decision making process. At last the interfering and the promoting factors for implementing domotics will be examined.