The Pupil Response and Individual Listening Load (PupILL): Towards the development of a clinically applicable measure of cognitive processing load in daily life hearing (WC2015-056)


Starting date: 01/09/2015

The aim of this study is to assess whether there is a relationship between hearing loss, listening effort, and stress. Our primary objective is to assess whether physiologial measures of stress differ between listeners with hearing loss and listeners with normal hearing. Secondly, we aim to assess the relationship between listening effort (cognitive processing load, or the pupil response) and stress. Thirdly, we aim to assess whether the physiologcal stress biomarkers are associated with self-reported daily-life phychosocial factors.

This research will gain insight into the effects of hearing impairment relating to effort and stress. The results will also be valuable in the development of rehabillitation devices such as hearing aids. For example, in the evaluation of these devices, it is important to assess whether hearing aids influence listening effort and listening stress.