Listening effort in the European Population (LISTEN) (WC2013-030)


Starting date: 01/03/2014

"Effects of hearing loss and hearing aid amlification on listening effort - a systematic review", B. Ohlenforst, AA. Zekveld, E. Jansma, Y. Wang, G. Naylor, T. Lunner, A. Lorens, SE. Kramer, Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication; poster presentation of study 1; June 14-17, Linkøping, Sweden.

"Pupil Light Reflex and its possible connection to the world of hearing loss: from the perspective of Parasympathetic Nervous System",  Y. Wang, AA. Zekveld, G. Naylor, T. Lunner, B. Ohlenforst, T. Koelewijn,  SE. Kramer, 31st International Pupil Colloquium, poster presentation, 13-17th September 2015, Pembroke College, University of Oxford, UK.

"Cognitive Hearing grou", T. Lunner, C. Graversen, D. Wendt, B. Ohlenforst, Y. Wang, RK. Hietkamp, Demo Day of Oticon, poster presentation, 27th November, 2015, Kongebakken, Denmark.