Identifying best practices in care trajectories of community-dwelling persons with dementia. (WC2014-055)


Starting date: 01/01/2015

Persons with dementia and their family carers move through a demanding care trajectory, from first symptoms of dementia until admission in a long term care facility or death. During this trajectory, various problems and transitions appear which can cause intense stress for both patients and caregivers. In the last 15 years, dementia care networks were developed throughout the Netherlands providing integrated dementia care in the community, mostly coordinated by case managers. There are substantial regional differences in the provision and coverage of dementia care networks. It is unclear if and to what extent these differences relate to variations in quality and costs of care. Little information is available on what characterizes high-quality dementia care throughout the disease trajectory; nor what is the most cost-effective manner to offer dementia care. Insight and learning from ‘best practices’ may further facilitate the provision of high-quality of care for persons with dementia and their family carers against reasonable costs.