Pain in Dementia-prevalence and diagnostics (WC2013-016 )


Starting date: 01/03/2014

A cross-sectional, partially longitudinal observational study in 400 participants with dementia and aged 60 years and older. 200 participants will be recruited from the out-patient day clinic “Centrum voor Ouderengeneeskunde Amsterdam” (COGA) at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. 200 participants will be recruited from dementia special care units of Amstelring, a health organization with 17 nursing homes in the Netherlands.

All participants will be asked about the presence and intensity of pain. If they are not able to communicate, observation and proxy rated scales will be utilized. In the nursing homes, a pain observation scale with an emphasis on musculoskeletal pain will be filled-out by the care staff during morning care. When either of the pain assessment methods shows a positive indication of pain, a physical examination will be performed with an emphasis on musculoskeletal pain and signs of neuropathic pain. All participants will also receive an oral examination, with an emphasis on diagnosing orofacial pain. Other measurements include medication use, cognitive functioning, ADL functioning, presence of neuropsychiatric symptoms and quality of life. If pain is present, a differential diagnosis will be made and this will be given as feedback to the attending physician. The effects of this feedback on the participants treatment will be evaluated after three months