Starting date: 01/04/2011


EURO IMPACT stands for

… European Intersectorial and Multi-disciplinary Palliative Care Research Training.

Its general aim…

… is to develop a multi-disciplinary, multi-professional and intersectorial educational research framework in Europe aimed at monitoring and improving palliative care. EURO IMPACT is is funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013, under grant agreement nr [264697]).

It is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network…

… Initial Training Networks (ITN) offer early-stage researchers the opportunity to improve their research skills, join established research teams and enhance their career prospects


EURO IMPACT will develop a broad-based multi-disciplinary palliative care research training that will train researchers in…

* mastering scientific skills to describe palliative care and its quality across Europe and identify and develop tools to improve it – via providing on-the-job research training, organising network wide training and structured training courses

* societal dissemination techniques i.e. translating research results to clinical practice and policy, by bridging the gap between academia and non-academic sectors

* developing and disseminating insights and knowledge on optimisation of palliative care delivery to the larger EU community – via writing scientific papers and reports, communicating with media and relevant policy-makers, presenting at conferences, and through important dissemination products



* bridge the gap between individual research institutes, multiple disciplines and different sectors involved in palliative care research training in Europe.

* build the basis for the further development of a EU platform for palliative care PhD research training and will increase the international mobility of palliative care researchers across Europe.


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