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Cost-effectiveness of psychosomatic therapy for patient frequently attending primary care with medically unexplained symtoms 2018
VUmc makes the difference. Diversity is the norm. 2018
Predictors of corneal transplantation outcomes regarding visual functioning, quality of life, psychological well-being and participation 2017
Efficacy and safety of off label low dose antidepressants (amitriptyline and mirtazapine) for chronic insomnia: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in general practice 2017
Using Point-of-care C-reactive protein to guide Antibiotic prescribing for Respiratory tract infections in Elderly nursing home residents (UPCARE) 2017
Comparing a probiotic and non-probiotic intervention in their ability to improve bowel habits of residents in nursing homes 2017
Antibiotic stewardship in long-term care: a step-by-step implementation and evaluation 2017
Understanding the selection of women who require medical specialist perinatal care because of increased medical risks. Towards optimising maternal and newborn care in the Netherlands 2016
Economic evaluation of an e-mental health intervention for patients with retinal exudative diseases (E-PsEYE) who receive intra-ocular anti-VEGF injections: RCT 2016
IMAGINE - IMproving Adherence to Guidelines in INfectious Diseases through Nudging and Education 2016
Speech reception in children in realistic listening scenarios 2016
The benefits and harms of risk-based screening for cervical cancer 2016
Antenatal electronic fetal heart monitoring in primary midwifery care in the Netherlands 2016
A research on risk identification and selection with regard to quality of care indicators 2016
Psychological e-health intervention in patients with age-related macular degeneration who receive intraocular anti-VEGF injections 2016
Improving Medication Prescription in the contExt of advance care planning for paTients receiving long term nUrSing home care (IMPETUS) 2016
FIT4FRAIL: FITness training For FRAIL elderly during orthopedic geriatic rehabilitation 2016
Development, structural validity, reliability, responsiveness and interpretability of a patient reported outcome measurement instrument for measuring pshysical functioning in geriatic rehabilitation patients 2016
Reintegration to the workplace of patients diagnosed with breast cancer or anxiety disorder - a study on experimental knowledge from occupational health physicians, Insurance physicians and other stakeholders 2016
Advance Care Planning in primary care for frail elderly patients and their informal carers 2016
Internet-based vestibular rehabilitation for older dizzy adults: does it work? A single blind, three arm, randomized controlled trial in general practice 2016
Physician assisted death: pressure on the personal boundaries of general practitioners? 2015
Monitoring and evaluation of mobile Clinical Decision Making Support System (CDMSS) intervention for frontline providers of maternal and neonatal care in the Eastern region (ER) of Ghana 2015
Randomized controlled trial to test the (cost)-effectiveness of a patient tailored intervention programme to enhance adherence to cardiovascular medication 2015
Isolation during imprisonment: Measuring and reducing the experience of coercion by detainees as a consequence of isolation 2015
Exploring the coordination and continuity of care and services for patients with chronic conditions in Vietnam 2015
The Pupil Response and Individual Listening Load (PupILL): Towards the development of a clinically applicable measure of cognitive processing load in daily life hearing 2015
Third evaluation of the euthanasia law 2015
Non-traditional work patterns in older workers and their relation with health 2015
Distinguishing and predicting end-of-life trajectories in older people 2015
Involuntary outpatient treatment in mental health care 2015
Delirium superimposed on dementia. Concepts, clinic, neurpathology and organisation of care 2015
Tinkering supervision, patient safety and quality of care in general practice and elderly care medicine residency training 2015
Addition of a SUpport PRogramme (SUPR) to usual hearing aid care – Effectiveness in adult hearing aid users 2015
The PRESIDE project: Designing a theory based measure for informed and deliberated choice for prenatal screening 2015
Is 85 the new 65? Trends in health and wellbeing of the oldest old 2015
Etiology of congenital sensorineural hearing loss 2015
HIV Testing and counseling among non-EU Eastern European migrant female sex workers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2015
Ontwikkeling van een interventie voor het doelmatig behandelen van vermoeidheidsklachten van volwassenen met een visuele beperking. 2015
Identifying best practices in care trajectories of community-dwelling persons with dementia. 2015
Internet use/non-use by older adults: Netherlands and Sweden 2014
The magic multiplier from econometrics: Enriching public health through innovative use of EMGO+ cohorts 2014
Effects on quality of life and family caregiving experience by the Namaste Care Family program for advanced dementia 2014
COOL-study: Continuous support during Labor 2014
Development of an integrated ICF intake for Otology and Audiology 2014
Resilience of older persons with a severe mental illness in local initiatives: experiences with De Nieuwe Club 2014
GenEquip: Equipping European primary care health professionals to deal with genetics 2014
personalised medicine: eligible or not? 2014
Family Quality of Life 2014
NurseSMS: A joint research program on Nurses Self-Management Support for people facing progressive incurable diseases 2014
Measuring and valuing Quality of life in older adults with the ASCOT NL 2014
Assessing the efficacy of a psychosocial intervention on the reduction of fatigue in renal patients on dialysis 2014
From AWBZ to WMO. Evaluation of Transition from Clients Perspectives together with clients 2014
A detailed look at speech recognition in realistic dynamic listening scenarios 2014
Aphasia Centers Netherlands 2014
Diversity in health care teams: Space for Difference? 2014
KORSAKOV - The functional status and quality of life of patients with Korsakoff syndrome living in long term care facilities. 2014
From Psychiatric Hospitals Act to Care and Coercion 2014
Anticipating old age: towards a practical model of Advance Care Planning 2014
TRIDENT study: Trial by Dutch laboratories for Evaluation of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) 2014
PUR SA(N)G – Perceptions of Uncertain Risks in Societal Groups 2014
The introduction of colorectal screening in the Netherlands: the interplay between the public opinion and the individual decision making process 2014
Listening effort in the European Population (LISTEN) 2014
Pain in Dementia-prevalence and diagnostics 2014
Towards evidence-based genomic medicine: filling the evidence gaps through modelling studies GENOMICMEDICINE 2014
Implementation of n=1 trial methodology in the assessment of health care reimbursement 2014
Targeted preconception genetic carrier testing in high-risk groups 2013
Neonatal screening in the Netherlands: a historical-comparative and policy perspective 2013
The Meaning of Sport in Times of Health and Illness 2013
The IUGR RIsk Selection (IRIS) study 2013
ESPRIT study: Widening scope of prenatal screening by non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) 2013
Identifying best practices in community care by benchmarking quality and costs of care 2013
The LOCoMOTive study - Local Obstetrical Collaboration Multidisciplinary Onsite Teamtraining effectiveness 2013
Accurate prediction of hearing help seeking and hearing aid uptake: Do new predictors and subgroup effects hold the key to success? 2012
You’re at risk; how health risk information can be made more meaningful for consumers 2012
Understanding trajectories of counselling outside the medical context of people who have a wish to die 2012
The effects of periconceptional and prenatal folic acid supplementation on congenital anomalies and preterm birth. 2012
Clinical course of dementia in Dutch nursing homes. 2012
Stepped-care to reduce depression and anxiety in visually impaired older adults - a randomised controlled trial 2012
Implementation of an integrated care system for labouring women: bridging the gap between primary and secondary obstetric care. A problem analysis. 2011
Optimal care for Acute Coronary Syndromes (Reduction of Harm in Hospitals) 2011
Palliative care in stroke: development of a decision-aid. 2011
The introduction of new EMF equipment and the effect on people’s perception of and worries about the health risks of EMF in relation to their well-being and health. 2011
IMplementation of quality indicators in PAlliative Care sTudy (IMPACT) 2011
PneuMonitor - comfort and prognosis for patients with pneumonia and dementia 2011
Euroimpact 2011
Building a model of quality of care during labour. The importance of care provider and care setting 2011
Pharmacotherapy audit meetings (PTAMs) using quality circles: a cost-effective strategy to improve guideline adherence in nursing homes? 2011
Best Practice Guidelines for Clinical Genetic Services 2011
RE-CAP - The effectiveness of a tailored intervention program on return-to-work in unemployed sick-listed cancer patients and survivors: a randomized controlled trial 2011
Patient participation in treatment decisions for stage I non-small cell lung cancer 2010
Cancer and Work, predicting long term work perspective of cancer patients. 2010
A-CaRe Study 2. Physical exercise during Adjuvant Chemotherapy Effectiveness Study (PACES) 2010
Improving health risk communication for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and kidney disease by taking into account people's prior beliefs and cognitive abilities; a mental model approach 2010
Evaluation of the pilot project palliative home care among GPs in Amsterdam (PaTZ). 2010
The frail elderly person at the centre of cohesive care 2009
Mismatch in the brain: Behavioral and neural correlates of explicit, cognitive processes during speech comprehension 2009
A-CaRe study 1: Resistance and Endurance exercise After ChemoTherapy (REACT) 2009
Work, lifestyle and health: monitoring health of employees (MORE study) 2009
Age at retirement – consequences for health? 2008
From 'hard' fixations to 'soft' domotics in dementia care 2008
Personal dignity at the end of life 2008
Spiritual end-of-life care in nursing homes 2008
Increasing the participation of the elderly in clinical trials (PREDICT) (Health-F4-2008-201917) 2008
Management of labour pain. 2008
Development of a non-invasive test to diagnose obstructive hydronephrosis among newborns 2008
CASTILON: Care for Stroke in Long term care facilities in the Netherlands 2007
Implementation of pilot study of the Nurse-Family Partnership : a preventive intervention targeting the physical, emotional and cognitive development of unborn infants and their mothers in high-risk populations in the Netherlands 2006
Cohortstudy on advance directives for end-of-life care 2005
Suffering of incurable cancer patients in general practice 2002
Study into the implementation of the Veder Method in the 24-hour care for people with dementia living on nursing home wards.  
PRECeDI: Personalized prevention of chronic diseases  
Ethics of technology and restraints in residential care for people with dementia or intellectual disabilities: Development of a multidisciplinary guideline for safe care