Non-specific neck pain: To match or not to match?


Starting date: 21/03/2016

PhD student Francois Maissan MSc
Promotor prof. dr. Raymond W.J.G. Ostelo
co-promotor dr. Harriet W. Wittink, dr. Jan Pool

Curriculum vitae Francois Maissan



Bacherlor Physiotherapy 1985-1990 Rotterdam

Specialized Manual Therapy 1992-1996 Amersfoort (SOMT)

Master of Science Physiotherapy Science 2002-2006 Utrecht University


Work experience:

Employe in several Private practices Physical therapy 1990-1999

Owner private practice Rotterdam 2000-2010

Teacher and researcher University of Apllies SCiences Utrecht 2006- .......

Owner and co-founderof Fysiometrics, institute for clinimetrics in Physical Therapy 2007- .... 

Editor FysioPraxis 2011-.....

Member of the board of the Duch Manual Therapy Association 2012-...