Effectiveness of manual therapy compared to usual care by the general practitioner for migraine: a pilot study (WC2014-068 HZ)


Starting date: 15/07/2015

The substantial impact of migraine on the society and well-being of individual patients warrants an effective treatment. The general practitioner is regularly consulted by patients with migraine. The treatment of migraine according to the NHG standard  'Headache'  exists of reassurance, explanation and medication.
Recent studies have shown that physical therapy  might be an alternative prophylactic treatment option for patients suffering from  migraine. Therefore, we designed a pragmatic randomized controlled trial in order to evaluate the effectiveness of this intervention.

This current pilot study will provide insight in procedures concerning recruitment, randomization, measurements and interventions. In the pilot study the logistics of the research, the recruitment of potential participants and the feasibility of the research and treatment protocols will be evaluated.