A multifaceted strategy to implement the NVAB-guideline for prevention of work related skin problems among health care workers. A randomised controlled trial and cost effectiveness evaluation (WC2009-107)


Starting date: 01/09/2010
Hand eczema is a considered to be a large problem in occupational health. Especially workers who perform wet work are at risk for developing hand eczema. Health care workers are among this group.
It causes both a problem for the patient suffering from it and for the society. Problems for the patient are related to the physical and psychological burden. The problems for society are related to to medical consumption, sick leave and loss of productivity.
Prevention of hand eczema is therefore needed. However, there are already evidence-based recommendations to prevent this problem. The implementation of this recommendations is unfortunately limited. Strategies to improve implementation are education, participatory strategies, reminders and role models and a combination of these strategies is thought to be more effective.