The effectiveness of Activity Scheduling as a nursing intervention in inpatient depressed elderly (WC2008-130)


Starting date: 01/01/2009  About 2% of the Dutch elderly population suffers from a major depressive disorder (MDD). A MDD has serious consequences for daily living (e.g. withdrawal from social activities and neglecting ones self-care). These consequences can lead to admission to a clinical ward. Activity Scheduling is a useful treatment modality. It is a brief behavioural treatment for a depressive disorder. Research has shown that Activity Scheduling is an effective treatment with an overall effect size of .87. We developed Activity Scheduling is an intervention which can be executed by mental health nurses. The intervention is a short course in which the patients learn the influence of pleasant activities on their mood. The nurses will be trained to guide the participants throughout the course. Although activity scheduling is a promising intervention there is a little known about the effects of activity scheduling executed by nurses.