Effectiveness of a prenatally implemented parenting support intervention on preventing postpartum parental distress and enhancing infant well-being (WC2016-068)


Starting date: 01/11/2016

The first months after birth can be challenging for parents and affect well-being. This might lead to high parental stress and to other negative outcomes for the parents (e.g. to postpartum depressive symptoms). Parents with high levels of parental stress are also less able  to respond adequately and sensitively to their infant. This might lead to less secure attachment bonds and to less than optimal infant (brain) development. Effective interventions to reduce parental stress are available but until now only used for high-risk groups. Furthermore, those interventions  focus exclusively on the mother. The proposed study focuses on a parenting support intervention consisting of psycho-education and practical tools. This intervention is aimed at reducing parental stress for both parents.