PReDicT: Randomised, open label, multi-centre, parallel-group, controlled study investigating the effects of using the eH-ETB to guide the antidepressant treatment of depressed patients (WC2016-026)


Starting date: 01/03/2016

PReDicT: Predicting respons to depression treatment

When using SSRIs to treat depressive symptoms, it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks before improvement in mood can reliably be determined. Often, the actual improvement might even take twice as long as the first medication does not provide the desired effect, leading to the need for adjustments, such as in dosage or in a change to other medication. The company P1vital Products Limited has developed a test (PReDicT test) that could measure changes that are possibly predictive of the effects of antidepressants much earlier in time. A pilot study (Dawson et al., 2015) showed that this test was able to predict in approximately 3 out of 4 participants after 1-2 weeks that an antidepressant would not be effective. The PReDicT study is a multi-center randomized clinical trial to investigate whether the online PReDicT test can improve clinical outcomes at 8-10 weeks compared to current approaches.