Meeting Centers 3.0 (WC 2015-089)


Starting date: 01/02/2016

The overall aim of the study Meeting Centers 3.0 is to implement (cost)effective psychosocial interventions, which will increase self-esteem, experienced autonomy, social inclusion and quality of life for persons with dementia, prevent/reduce neuropsychiatric symptoms and in addition will learn informal carers how to deal with behavioral changes because of the dementia, in order to provide care at home and maintain their own quality of life.
In particular, this study will explore whether the addition of three innovative interventions for people with dementia (DemenTalent) and informal carers (Dementelcoach, STAR-education) to the regular Meeting Centers will attract more people with dementia and carers to utilize effective psychosocial support matching their preferences and needs. Furthermore, the implementation and (cost)effectiveness of the interventions will be explored.

The three interventions:

  • DemenTalent: people with dementia will be actively integrated in the society as volunteer, based on their talents. Of course this process will be well guided and supported.
  •  Dementelcoach: Informal carers of persons living with dementia will receive telephone coaching by trained coaches.
  • STAR-education: Informal carers will follow a web based course about dementia, support and care, and how to take care of themselves as carers.