The development and testing of an evidence based intervention program for Familie FACT (WC2015-087)


Starting date: 01/06/2015

Deinstitutionalisation policies of the past decades, have led to a change from inpatient treatment towards community mental health care (Becker 2006; Lamb & Bachrach, 2001). GGZ-Nederland encourages in its position paper (2013) the implementation of Youth Assertive Community Treatment (Youth-ACT) in the Netherlands.  Many European countries also consider Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) as a dominant treatment modality in outpatient treatment for children and adolescents (WHO, 2008).  Family FACT is a derivative of ACT which integrates adult-ACT and Youth-ACT in one treatment modality. Family FACT focuses on families who are unable to benefit for office based outpatient mental healthcare where either the child/adolescent, the parent(s) or both the child/adolescent and the parents(s) suffer from severe psychiatric problems. Fragmentation of care can be avoided, and it creates preconditions for both an individual as systemic approach for all family members with serious psychiatric problems. To date, there is no evidence informed intervention program to serve these families. Research must be conducted to develop and test an intervention program for the target group. This intervention program should meet the psychiatric problems and care needs of the target group and should be maximally effective.