Reducing suicidal ideation among Turkish migrants in the Netherlands and in the UK: Effectiveness of an online intervention (WC2013-079)


Starting date: 12/08/2014

 My primary interest is Clinical Psychology; encompassing both research and treatment. I am a PhD student at the Virje Universiteit Amsterdam at the Department of Clinical Psychology and a honorary researcher at Wolfson Institute, Queen Mary University of London. My PhD topic is about assessing the effectiveness of an online self-help programme in reducing suicidal thoughts and self-harm among the Turkish speaking community living in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. I have been liaising with Prof Kamaldeep Bhui from Queen Mary University of London in order to conduct this project in the UK. Recently, I have been awarded with a grant to conduct this research by the European Commission. Currently, I am also working in a Youth in Action project as a researcher and as a group facilitator. I worked on developing the self-harm questionnaire for young people with self-harm in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Sevices (CAMHS) and recently this research was published as a book by Lambert publishing house. I have experience with a range of research methods in academic settings and delivering CBT interventions to service-users based in NHS in the UK and in various clinical settings in Cyprus. I have been recently awarded with the full tuition scholarship by the Beck CBT Institute Philadelphia and honored to present my work to Aeron T. Beck and Judith Beck. Overall, my research contributes to the evaluation of assessment techniques, development of novel assessment methods for self-harming adolescents and the delivery of CBT interventions to hard-to-reach communities.