Parental psychopathology in children with psychiatric symptoms (WC2009-051)


Starting date: 01/01/2010

Despite the knowledge that psychiatric disorders run in families, it is unknown how many parents suffer from psychiatric symptoms themselves at the time of the admission of their child. Moreover, the influence of parental symptoms on the course of their children's symptoms is not well studied. Insight in these issues might have important implications for treatment.

In this project, current psychiatric symptoms in parents of children admitted to an outpatient psychiatric clinic are measured. Parents are screened on a wide range of symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and attention problems. Since these symptoms are also assessed in the children, it is possible to analyze the association between symptoms in children and parents across symptom clusters. Are, for example, attention problems in children associated with depressive symptoms in parents? Based on the results of the first two years, parents who seem to suffer from a psychiatric disorder are offered treatment. After one year, parents and children are asked to complete the same questionnaires again. These data will be used to investigate the association between the course of parental and children's symptoms.

Sponsored by Fonds Psychische Gezondheid and NWO/ZonMW TOP.