Demental Experience (WC2011-061)


Starting date: 01/08/2011


The Dementia Experience intends to give healthy people a lifelike insight into how people with dementia experience their life. Experiencing the world like people with dementia do will enhance empathy and understanding.

This in turn decreases stress, reducing overall carer burden. More empathy will also lead to more support from the environment (involvement of the social network), which allows the carer to fulfill their care task for a longer time. Finally, it is found that empathetic care increases the overall wellbeing of the person with dementia.

Through these mechanisms, it is theorized that a visit to the Dementia Experience will allow informal carers to offer better care and sustain this care for a longer period of time. This in turn will hopefully postpone eventual nursing home admittance.




Dementia Experience will consist of:

  • 1. A briefing, in which participants are prepared for the simulation, and get the necessary safety instructions.
  • 2. The simulator, core of the Experience: a physical, interactive room where, making use of among other things Serious Gaming and Virtual Reality techniques, the social world of someone with dementia is imitated by "telling" a realistic story and let people themselves experience what are the disabilities and obstacles someone with dementia is daily confronted with.
  • 3. A follow-up, which coaches participants through what they just experienced. This will give them important considerations on how to relate this experience to their own daily practice.