Development of a self report instrument for assessing suicidality among adolescents (WC2009-071)


Starting date: 01/05/2009

In the Netherlands annually an average of 46 youths (under the age of 20) die because of suicide. Thousands of adolescents commit a suicide attempt every year. Higher rates of suicidal behaviour occur among adolescents of multicultural backgrounds. This situation has led tot the need for a valid Dutch instrument that is invariant for ethnicity, to assess suicide risk and factors associated to suicidality. In the present research a self-report instrument for suicidality among adolescents (age 12 to 20) will be developed. The importance of a valid self-report instrument lies in the fact that high risk youths can be identified and fluctuations in suicide risk can be detected to register change over time as a measure for improvement during treatment in youth mental health care. Untreated suicidality may lead to continuation and deterioration of emotional problems, to suicide attempts and suicide.