Collaborative care for dementia patients and their caregivers in primary care, a pilot study (WC2009-065)


Starting date: 01/09/2009  Dementia is a devastating progressive disorder characterised by cognitive and behavioural problems in which the control over one’s own life gradually diminishes. As a result of the ageing population the number of persons suffering from dementia will almost double in the next twenty years. Dementia has great consequences for the people suffering from it, their families and society. The majority of dementia patients lives at home and is supported by an informal caregiver. These caregivers report that general practitioners are passive and fall short in education and coordination of care.
The collaborative care model is a promising approach to the transition from fragmented to integrated and tailored dementia care and The Dutch government and Dutch general practitioners aim at further development and implementation of collaborative dementia care. This pilot aims to develop and test the feasibility and effectiveness of a collaborative care model for dementia in Dutch general practice.