PRO CHILDREN - effect of school based intervention on fruit and vegetable consumption of pupils'' mothers


Fruit and vegetable consumption is low in European countries, also among children and their mothers. To promote F&V consumption, a multi component school-based intervention was implemented in regions in The Netherlands, Spain and Norway. The determinants of F&V intake addressed in the intervention included personal, family and school environmental determinants and a range of parental factors. The latter included parenting practices, family food rules, modelling and facilitating behaviours. Family components included in the intervention were active parent involvement in the children’s homework, an Internet-based computer-tailored tool to provide personalised feedback on intake levels, five newsletters, announcements about activities and tips for parents to encourage their children to eat more F&V. Since parents were encouraged to be involved in the project and children were taught skills to ask for fruit and vegetables at home, the intervention may also have improved fruit and vegetable intakes of the parents.